Top 5 Reasons To Include Plantation Shutters and Blinds In Your Home Interiors

Have you been wondering about the latest interior trends of the year that can help you improvise the look of your room?

Well, in that case, we will suggest you include the plantation shutters and blinds in your interiors.

Plantation shutters and blinds are presently one of the aesthetic window treatments that you can add to enhance the room interiors and must be opted from the plantation shutters and blind experts. It is an important part of your room and hence, proper time should be invested in lots of research. You can easily turn your dream home upgrades into reality with the suitable trending interior plans and most importantly including plantation shutters as one of the essential elements of it.

If you research, you will find that the plantation shutters and blinds have been one of the most popular types of window shutters opted for by the people of the country. But why is it so popular and appealing to so many people?

Is it just because of its aesthetic looks? Or does it have more benefits that people are not widely well aware of?

#Reason 1: Enhances Home Value

The plantation shutters are considered to be permanent fixtures to the room. It might be a bit high investment but offers years of protection and the installation increases the overall home value. These shutters are not just long-lasting and improve the home quality but also give a classy look to your room.

#Reason 2: Plantation Shutters can be Maintained Easily

Opting from the plantation shutters and blind experts Auckland, your shutters will be extremely easy to be maintained. The shutters are waterproof and cordless thereby providing complete security to the kids at your home. You can blindly opt for these shutters as you can easily and quickly clean them without any hassles.

#Reason 3: Provides Complete Light Control

If you opt for a plantation shutter, you can not only control the view from your window but at the same time control the amount of light entering through the window. If you want more light, you can easily tilt the louvres and open them and close the panels. On the contrary, lower the tilts to block the lights from entering the space.

#Reason 4: Plantation Shutters Provide High Longevity

One of the best parts of plantation shutters is that they are extremely durable. Once you make an investment in these window treatments, it is worth all the investment. Availing the shutters from the proper plantation shutter and blind experts and maintaining them properly will keep them intact and perfect for years. Additionally, the classy and elegant look that they bring with them is always trending.

#Reason 5: Plantation Shutters are Flexible:

The plantation shutters are extremely versatile and flexible. Pulling off the panels of the shutters can provide a clear view of the outside world from your window. While, on the contrary, you can have your additional privacy by closing the panels as and when required. Therefore, it will enable you to choose from full views, partial views or no views at all.

No matter, what interior trends you choose, opting for the right and suitable plantation shutters and blinds from experts will help you with an enigmatic and elegant look and at the same time offer you several benefits. Be rest assured of the investment you make as you will enjoy its high longevity and security as well.

Your Guide To Popular Styles Of Window Shutters

Choosing shutters for your home or work space may not be as easy as you’d think. To avoid hassles later on, it’s best to pick window shutters that perfectly suit your need. Bear in mind that it can be a substantial investment and can transform the look of your space.

In the same way as each room of a home has a distinct purpose, shutters too come in a range of styles and each one serves a distinct purpose. So, before you shop for window shutters and blinds in Auckland, it would make sense to do your research and choose a shutter style that suits your visual, thermal, acoustic and aesthetic preferences.

Here, you’ll get a brief idea of the popular types of shutters available on the market.

Popular Types Of Window Shutters

Plantation Shutters    

The slats of plantation shutters are sufficiently spread out, allowing you to let in ample light. Very often they are fitted in the interior of the home. This style is quite customisable, allowing you to close the lower half of the shutter slats while keeping the top half open or the other way around.

Louvred Shutters

Made up of horizontal slats, louvred shutters can be positioned in a way that lets in the light without allowing inclement weather to enter along with it. A low amount of external light coming into a room means that you will be able to regulate the temperature of the room accordingly. Louvred shutters bring texture, depth and colour to basic windows.

Would you pick louvred shutters when shopping for window shutters and blinds in Auckland?

French Door Shutters

Many people prefer to use shutters rather than curtains for their french doors. They come customised to the dimensions of your french doors. Often, they are designed to complement the decor or colour of your home. Since these shutters are directly fastened to the doors, the handles and locks can be accessed easily.

Café Shutters

This type of shutter partially covers windows, usually the bottom half. Typically they are installed in the interior rather than the exterior of the house. This type of shutter is often used for living room or kitchen windows. It offers occupants privacy and allows them to regulate the amount of sunlight entering into the room.

Cafe shutters are a popular choice when it comes to window shutters and blinds in Auckland.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters or double hung shutters are a category of shutters which have separate sections for the bottom and top half of window frames. They serve as panels that are connected but one can be opened independent of the other. This type of shutter provides considerable light control as well as privacy control.

Hinged Shutters

Hinged shutters are an in-demand type of shutter. They are mostly used as window treatments, but they can alternatively be used for doorways based on the material used and application. These shutters are designed with hinged panels that can be flush against the wall to let in abundant light and open up your view.

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters enhance the energy balance of your space.On summer days it keeps the interiors of your house cool while in the winter it serves as protection against the cold. This style of shutter is aesthetically appealing and acts as a strong security barrier designed for securing cash counters, restaurants and shopfronts.

Bifold Shutters

This style is an excellent option for those who need to frequently adjust their shutter panels. As they are hinged together, the panels can be tucked away smartly to the window side.

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